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Hiking and Running

Head off in different direction each day for a new adventure, discovering the variety of terrains and ecosystems our valley has to offer. In addition to the numerous trails through the forests, the GR9 and GR91 pass nearby. 

There are three marked circuits exploring the forests around Alauzon:

Nearby you will find:

Mountain Biking and Cycling

The trails begin at the doorstep, linking up with marked routes and a network of forestry tracks. We can recommend routes ranging from gnarly downhills and technical singletrack to more sedate wanders through the pine forest. 


The Mont Ventoux holds a special place in the heart of road cyclists and year round the roads are filled with clubs and individuals.

Top Circuits:


Rock Climbing

The main reason we moved to this area is the climbing- world class and diverse. From easy multipitch on St Julien to the high end single pitch climbing of St Leger du Ventoux there is plenty for everyone. There is even bouldering to be found on the limestone boulders that litter the hill below La Roche sur le Buis.

2017-04-04 16.46.07.jpg

Via Ferrata

Suitable for novices, but still providing a thrill for experienced climbers, the via ferrata of St Julien is a fantastic experience. Equipment is available to rent from the Bureau des Guides de Buis-les-Baronnies.

annette vf1_edited.jpg

Food and Drink

The Drôme Provençale is a treasure trove of gastronomical delights. Driving to Alauzon through the Menon valley you will pass through orchards, olive groves and numerous smallholdings. Local specialities include:


  • Olives / Olive Oil - world famous production of olives and olive oil (AOP Olive de Nyons)

  • Wine - Ventoux rosée, Côtes du Rhône reds. World class vintages all within an hour's drive.

  • Orchard fruit: apricots, cherries, almonds, plums and apples

  • Herbs. Our valley is particularly known for its lavender and 'tilleul' (limetree) production.

  • Honey. Linked the production of aromatic herbs like lavender and food production, you will find honey from local beekeepers at market.

  • Truffles and mushrooms


The Provençale way of life includes shopping at the local weekly local market (Wednesday and Saturday morning in Buis les Baronnies). What will you find at market? Artisan breadmakers, spice merchants, fresh fish from the Mediterranean, speciality saucissons and, of course, freshly picked local fruit and veg.


If you’re looking for a treat, there are some great local restaurants run by people passionate about food. Our favourite is La Grangette de la Biquette in La Roche sur le Buis. If you're looking for something more upscale, Le Safre in Buis les Baronnies won't disappoint.

Grangette de Biquette.jpg


Buis-les-Baronnies has a vibrant cultural life with two music festivals in August and a wonderful cinema- Le Reg'Art. Avignon, with its rich history is worth a day trip as is the impressive Grotte Chauvet (Caverne du Pont d'Arc) in neighbouring Ardeche. Full listings and additional information are available from the Tourist Office in Buis.


Last, but not least, the main attraction at Alauzon is nature. Immerse yourself, get lost in the woods, follow the streams, pick wild fruit and berries and let the starlit skies amaze you at night.

alauzon at night.jpg
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